PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: an action-training approach

WHAT IF TOMORROW™ is our interactive professional training and skills assessment offerings. Whether individually or within a group setting during a workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to hands-on test new methodologies and their accompanying tools. This experience aims to reinvent your work approach and unlock fresh opportunities to share then with others. Consider this an investment, a springboard towards a more desirable and committed Tomorrow.

CREATIVITY AS A PROFESSIONAL SKILL Assesment™: Prepare for your next step up!

As the hold of Artificial Intelligence strenghtens, it is essential to identify and reinforce your creativity as a professionally recognised skill.

Engaging in this skills assessment allows you to identify your strengths and what is most important for you today. The objective is to plan your next career move, whether this be in your current position/organisation or a totally new project. Once the research has been done, decisions made, we can orient your narrative, crafting meaningful communication tools to achieve your objectives. Open to all, whatever your backgrounds or current role, our CREATIVITY AS A PROFESSIONAL SKILL™ assessment zeroes in on recognising and enhancing your creative capacity as an essential professional skill.

Open to all, regardless of your field of activity or role within an organisation, our CREATIVITY AS A PROFESSIONAL SKILL Assesment™ particularly zeroes in on identifying and enhancing your creative potential as a bona fide professional skill. By ‘creativity,’ we refer to the ability to take a side step that will allow you to see things from another point of view. Amidst the burgeoning of AI, creativity transcends a mere soft skill; it epitomises our humanity.

Now, it ranks among the top three skills sought by business leaders. From OECD to EY, American organisation P21 to France Stratégie, all agree that today’s and future skills revolve around three axes: generic learning skills, innovation and creativity skills, and collaborative skills.

Have you discovered the benefits of collaborative innovation workshops and wish to establish them as recurring good practices within your enterprise? This is particularly relevant when certain business challenges, social & environmental responsibilities, or other complex issues require your team’s engagement.

Learn as a group how to harness collective intelligence, fostering a more participative, and therefore productive management. Over two consecutive days, receive training on new collaborative methods & facilitation tools to share with your teams, applying them to your current projects. Becoming a manager-facilitator means learning to coach your team members in workshops, empowering them to gain confidence in themselves, in you, and in their organisation.

LEVEL 1: Fundamentals of facilitating collaborative workshops in-house.

LEVEL 2: Enhance your skills with methodological focuses:
– COLLABORATIVE CREATIVITY: Generate more ideas collectively and guide their selection.
– RAPID PROTOTYPING: Simplify testing, to test early and improve rapidly.


LEADER-FACILITATOR Training™: Learning to engage your teams

Drawing inspiration from action-research, our action-training approach as we conceive it aims to intertwine the acquisition of professional skills with applied, transformative actions in the field. Progressing people as well as their projects, and vice versa. What about you? WHAT IF TOMORROW™ you opened new doors?


Sylvain, co-founder TOMO® & Co.