We assist leaders in revitalising their organisations by fostering a culture of innovation.


At the heart of our philosophy is a simple truth: innovation is less about technology or processes, and more about people. It’s a mindset—a commitment to progress, evolution, and enhancing collaboration. This energy fosters a culture of innovation throughout the company, transcending the executive committee to touch every level of the organisation.
Our approach to coaching for innovation is human-centric and pragmatic. We combine corporate coaching, collaborative innovation, and professional training to partner with you, addressing both your operational projects and the growth of the individuals driving them.
The benefits we deliver are diverse and tangible. They range from developing best practices and spreading a unified vision and ambition to cultivating an inspiring employer brand that imbues each person’s role with meaning. We focus on empowering employees to be proactive, curious, creative and empathetic in their interactions with clients and colleagues. These benefits are not just success indicators; they reflect the deep engagement of all employees and the company’s commitment to enduring sustainable development.
If your vocation is to accompany a team forward and infuse them with renewed energy, then our job is to help you do your job… even better.



Our executive coaching is intensely personal, designed to navigate the unique challenges leaders and individuals face today. Our mission is to facilitate alignment and growth both on an individual level and within teams during critical moments of your company’s evolution, your entrepreneurial projects, or your personal career development. With our creative experiential approach, coaching transcends the usual confines, embracing outdoor expeditions and the innovative use of metaphors to enlighten professional relationships and scenarios. Whether one-on-one or in a collective setting, join us in transforming potential into tangible progress.

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If you’re tired of the usual team-building workshops, now is the time to embark on one of our coached expeditions. Venturing into the unknown in complete safety, laughing as much as supporting each other in the effort, the aim of our expeditions is to disconnect from the daily professional routine in order to better reconnect, with others, with truly important matters, and to open up new perspectives. A genuine collective coaching protocol, after the experience and discoveries, comes the time for implementing new ways of doing things. The value of what you have experienced is then reinvested in energy & commitment in your daily work life.

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In today’s knowledge economy, new skills such as complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity become indispensable. The good news is that these “soft skills” are indeed professional competencies that can be learned and developed! Certified by QUALIOPI(in France) and known for our interactive and creative approach, our skills assessment and training programmes will enable you to simultaneously develop professional skill sets and carry out transformative actions. Tomorrow Starts Today™. Don’t wait any longer to feel empowered or to empower your teams, and enhance both their effectiveness and engagement.

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The Creative Team at TOMO® & Co

Meet Belinda and Sylvain, the creative force behind TOMO® & Co. Belinda, a designer and executive coach, and Sylvain, a facilitator of collaborative innovation, bring together their complementary skills to foster growth and well-being within organisations. Their design-inspired methods guide you through transformational journeys, nurturing a future where your organisation aligns seamlessly with its vision. Through a blend of empathy and personalised strategy, we help you unveil the potential that lies within.

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Who are our clients and what do they say about working with us? When we talk about turning challenges into opportunities we address those organisations that are looking for a unique approach, one that is empathetic and that draws inspiration and informative parallels from real life experiences. Company’s call upon us to realign executive teams, raise awareness of the Customer Experience across all levels of an organisation, accelerate the development of high-potential talents, foster initiative among team members… By being present at key stages to accompany their progression, we help organisations in cultivating a culture of transformation and collaborative innovation.

...Through this experience, each member of the Executive Committee found themselves re-evaluating their place within our organisation's vast ecosystem. Our seminar did more than just forge a collective success; it unearthed shared values that bind us all at the Executive Committee level, strengthening our bond and our collective ambition to build a future together. The spirit of teamwork, empathy, and responsibility we cultivated has, in the weeks following, profoundly transformed our approach to working - not just among ourselves but also with our broader teams...

Florent Auroyer

...Our initial request presented a set of complex challenges: to carve out a new strategic direction for business growth, to strengthen the connections within the Executive Committee by collectively crafting and endorsing this new direction, to integrate a new member effectively, and to redistribute roles and share responsibilities more equitably. Closely attuned to navigating challenging situations, TOMO®’s nurturing support has helped to broaden our mindset, sparked unexpected solutions, and most importantly, enhanced cohesion within our executive team...

Otto Gerhäuser
Founder & CEO

...I was looking to build a customer-centric culture within our Marketing and Digital team and creatively revive the collective spirit. After two days of an energetic and enjoyable seminar, the team fully embraced the tools and the importance of customer experience. Thank you to TOMO® for having listened so attentively to our needs, and for their professionalism, and infectious enthusiasm...

Laetitia Aymard
Head Marketing & Client Experience

...TOMO® caught our attention, as they are not a consultancy firm but a coaching studio. They challenged us, and enabled us to frame & articulate the deep meaning of this project for ourselves, so laying the foundation of our new brand. Reflecting on our journey, now that our venture has launched, I can attest that branding and content creation are significantly more straightforward when the brand’s purpose is well-defined and deeply aligns with both one’s values and those of one’s clients. It was a remarkable experience – I highly recommend it...

Noémie Pélékhine
CEO & co-founder

...TOMO® has been helping us develop various talent development and confidence-building training programmes. By delivering several of the modules that comprised these programmes, they contributed to the personal and professional growth of the selected team members. Experimenting with new, faster, more creative, and customer-focused work methods enabled our employees to lead projects collaboratively from start to finish. The programme is challenging, yet conducted in a flexible and supportive environment, which is why we value working with TOMO®...

Séverine Le Gal
training manager

...TOMO® is attentive and has exceeded our expectations in experimenting with faster and more creative work methods, opening new horizons for team members and, by extension, for the enterprise...

Julie Raclin
HR projects manager

...Accompanied by TOMO® we were able to define a new starting point; that of the challenges faced by the “clients of our clients”. We were then able to create totally new solutions based on our technology and that were fully focused on their business imperatives. The benefits were two fold: bringing us closer to our clients, while discovering the strengths and extended possibilities of our own products. We were even able to accelerate certain closings. Unleashing our creative capacities was wholly positive on all fronts...

Frank Bouchaud
Sales leader

..Bringing together a dispersed international creative team was a formidable challenge that demanded a year-long transformation of mindsets, tools, and organizational structures. Through a mix of face-to-face and virtual cooperative workshops, each team member carved out their niche, showcased their talents, and embraced independence, all while maintaining a focus on the collective goal. Despite the stark cultural and professional contrasts at the outset, this intricate mission culminated in success...

Géraldine Gandveau

...When I created my company, TOMO® was there to challenge me and help me refocus on the essence that would make my project. With their strong knowledge of branding we were able to co-create the brand Le Reine Mer, an intelligent brand story that carried meaning and value and which then meant I was able to engage important partnerships, from client to financial, and ensure the success of my project...

Gregry Areinx
Founder & CEO

...It was the right moment for me to step back and focus on the priorities I saw as essential for the future of my company. I called upon TOMO® to partner me in this endeavor. Their methods are creative and collaborative and encouraged me and my team to push our thoughts further, to explore new directions, to come to conclusions and then make the right decisions.TOMO® animated a series of workshops at key moments for the team that meant we could gather momentum and encourage engagement. This exercise in my opinion was indispensable to rethink and develop my company...

Céline Angelini

...TOMO® accompanied us in the strategic repositioning of our business offering.They encouraged us to look further than our ambitions, challenge and develop our ideas and so reveal our profound convictions relative to our domain. We were questioned as to the fundamentals of our profession, this is turn helped us reformulate a clearer and more engaging value proposition. Wholly convinced by the collaborative nature of this approach we have moved from being TOMO®’s client to becoming one of their service partners...

Julien Cosson

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