Our approach combines our three core skill sets: executive coaching, collaborative facilitation, and professional training. With extensive experience in accompanying both individuals and groups, coupled with insightful feedback from our clients, we tailor our services to the unique needs of leaders and their teams. We select from our toolkit to craft bespoke programmes for our clients, or they can dip into these tools as and when needed.

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People & Project is our mantra and what animates us personally and professionally. We accompany people in the success of their projects. A team that can work efficiently together, benefiting from strong relationships is one that will accomplish its goals. We are there to challenge and support, always with empathy and pragmatism.

Belinda, cofounder TOMO® & Co

> Collective Coaching & Collaborative Innovation

Collective Intelligence is the pooling of diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences within a group to collaboratively address complex challenges. This practice allows teams to innovate rapidly and take decisive action, ultimately delivering great results. It nurtures a dedicated space for collaboration that maximises ROI by aligning the right methodologies with team objectives and challenges.

GROUP EXECUTIVE COACHING: aligning teams to enhance performance

Executive Collective Coaching is a collaborative and action-oriented approach aimed at enhancing team dynamics, relationships, and leadership within executive teams. The process emphasises effective communication as the cornerstone for achieving high performance. It encourages both shared learning and mutual accountability, enriching the team’s collective intelligence and individual abilities. By integrating action plans and allowing space for introspection, this method offers a comprehensive strategy for leadership development and team alignment with organisational objectives.

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The FRESK FOR CHANGE©: an effective way of preparing people for Change

The FRESK FOR CHANGE© is a playful, collaborative, and educational tool that allows and enables understanding while giving the opportunity to experiment with the steps and mechanisms of change management. The TOMO® & Co team is part of the community of officially trained “freskers”. The Fresk takes the form of a half-day collaborative workshop, making the exercise extremely easy to integrate into schedules and therefore to carry out within a company.

In “gamification” mode, and based on a game board and a series of strategic cards, our facilitation team will accompany the teams in their progression.

The FRESK FOR CHANGE© can be used to:
Prepare a real company project on the verge of being launched to define a change management plan,
Analyse retrospectively a project conducted by your company,
– Or, applied to fictitious yet real cases, build awareness for your team as to the logical links between the trigger factors, types of change, resistances, strategies, levers, and steering modalities they may encounter, in anticipation of their next change management program.

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DESIGN FICTION Workshops™: explore tomorrow through storytelling

“What if tomorrow…?” Exploring the future helps question the decisions we make today. This is where Design Fiction comes into play: a forward-looking approach to exploring probable futures in a pragmatic way through user journeys and their impacts. It draws from subtle signals in our daily lives and extrapolates them to build disruptive visions of a project and its environment. This practice aims to question our usage, norms, ethics, values, and value propositions…

In a collaborative workshop setting, Design Fiction encourages a critical stance, alignment, and breaking free from the limiting beliefs and hurdles inherent to a company’s culture. Through various creative exercises promoting projective storytelling, we engage teams in envisioning possible scenarios, which they then embody into concrete prototypes simulating the envisioned uses and impacts (storyboard, role-playing, functional prototypes, etc…)

Lastly, through systemic reflection (transposition), participants will identify possible applications within their own structure, thus unlocking their projects and reopening new innovation opportunities.

Whether it’s about pivoting a company, repositioning an offering, or strengthening the culture of customer experience, a Design Fiction™ workshop is particularly suited for professional team seminars, mixed team sessions, or executive committees.

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Whether your need is to unlock an internal situation, to innovate quickly and effectively on new processes, products, or services, and to engage your colleagues in these high-impact transformations, our coached collaborative innovation workshops will help advance both your projects and the individuals who drive them.

Based on CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING, DESIGN THINKING is an approach that assists organisations in thinking more like designers by employing empathy and experimentation. This type of workshop, allows a multidisciplinary team to work together to examine problems from different angles, convert friction points into innovation opportunities, rapidly produce original solutions, and equally quickly confront them with the reality of the field. Experimenting with Design Thinking™ with your colleagues means experimenting with a methodology and its tools, but also and most importantly adopting a “user first” mindset and a very (very) participatory approach.

At the intersection of Lean Startup and Design Thinking™, a DESIGN SPRINT is a relatively standardised and well-tested collaborative innovation workshop aimed at designing, prototyping, and testing a new concept, devising an action plan, and solving a complex problem in a very (very) short time.

Whether you are expert or novice in Design Thinking™ and other innovation sprints, let’s see how together we can put this approach to serving your people and their projects: contact us.

> individual coaching

Executive coaching tailored to address the evolving challenges facing leaders. This approach aims to align individuals and teams during pivotal stages of your company’s growth, your entrepreneurial ventures, or your career progression.

INDIVIDUAL EXECUTIVE COACHING: taking action to unlock your potential

Coaching is a forward-looking, action-oriented practice aimed at unlocking individual and team potential for enhanced performance and growth. By challenging limiting beliefs and fears, it sets the stage for taking decisive steps towards future opportunities rather than dwelling on past mistakes.

In a collaborative, non-judgmental setting, both coach and client engage in a co-creative journey of lasting change, identifying actionable goals. The focus is on empowering the client to define, act upon, and achieve their own unique performance objectives for personal and professional development.

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LINGUISTIC COACHING for Leaders - English & French: rise above your limiting beliefs, champion your confidence.

Communciate with confidence in English or in French! Hybrid linguistic training: we offer both interactive face-to-face sessions as well as individual immersive expeditions in the UK and in France where you are accompanied by your coach.

For a company leader facing the challenge of using the English or the French language in their professional activity, the issue is not only being able to integrate vocabulary and rules of grammar and conjugation but also mastering pronunciation, intonation, as well as understanding the culture. Regardless of their professional achievements, breaking free from limiting beliefs, which are real language barriers, can sometimes still seem insurmountable. We leverage our experience in executive coaching to help you gain confidence in all professional circumstances in English or in French.

Being a native English speaker, bilingual in French, and having lived in France for more than 30 years, Belinda will also help you develop your cultural sensitivity to learn to decode subtle cultural signals in a professional setting.

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