Experience-Driven Coaching!

Step back from your professional routine to learn about yourself, understand others better, rekindle conversations, and share emotions through engaging activities. We provide your Executive Committee or any team within your organization with the chance to break free from the confines of the meeting room, and so embarking on exciting outdoor adventures. These experiences are designed not just for the thrill, but to more importantly to translate the learnings and team spirit developed during these journeys into actionable insights and stronger decision-making capacities in your professional context, all while deepening team connections.

Whether it’s building an emergency igloo in the Alps, diving into the creative tumult of London, camping under the stars, or crossing the Scottish Highlands in a Land Rover, the use of outdoor adventure metaphors opens up new playgrounds that help move beyond limiting corporate reflexes. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore new perspectives and challenge one’s strategies & habits in the business world.


Belinda, co-founder TOMO® & Co.



The first step in planning an expedition isn’t deciding “where” to go, but “why” you’re embarking on this journey with your team. To discover the true purpose of such an adventure, we begin by meeting with both the sponsors and the participants to understand their needs, assess their situations, and clarify their objectives: What challenges need addressing? Which achievements should be celebrated? What emotions are to be shared? What business strategies might be considered? What do you aim to accomplish together by embarking on this collective adventure? Together, we’ll determine the resources allocated to this project and set inspiring criteria for success. The audit is a vital step that allows us to tailor an adventure specifically for you, recommending locations, activities, themes, and encounters. This coaching expedition will thus enable you to tackle both individual and group challenges.


Embarking on an expedition means venturing into the unknown, stepping out of your comfort zone, breaking from routine, lifting your nose from the grindstone, and extracting yourself from daily professional life to embrace new perspectives. The adventure you choose to embark upon together with your team will allow you to enjoy discovering new and inspiring activities, find the time for meaningful conversations, and create lasting memories. 

Laughing together becomes as important as supporting each other in challenges, the purpose of our coaching expeditions is to disconnect from the day-to-day in order to reconnect more deeply with each other and what truly matters. Whether it’s winter trekking, navigating the Highlands in all-terrain vehicles or motorcycle sidecars, or even rediscovering London in a new light, you’re set to experience something profound together.


In their everyday settings, teams operate within a professional ecosystem that’s familiar and, to varying degrees, set in its ways. An expedition shifts this dynamic entirely, placing the group in a fresh and often unexpected environment. This transition acts as a catalyst for exploration and self-discovery, offering a unique opportunity to step out of the usual patterns, uncover hidden vulnerabilities, and shine a light on the collective and individual strengths.

The essence of the expedition lies in its role as a symbolic metaphor. It’s an invitation to step away from the constraints of the workplace and the restrictive beliefs that often accompany it. This real-world experience breaks down barriers, allowing for genuine moments of connection and revelation. The immediate, active engagement followed by reflective feedback discussions enables a rich transposition of these experiences and emotions back into the workplace.

The coaching process is pivotal in this stage. A coach guides the team in extracting the core lessons from their experiences, linking them back to their professional lives. This opens avenues for practical applications within their work environment, showcasing the invaluable learning that can be gained from life experiences and how these insights can be effectively applied in a professional context. This approach not only fosters personal growth but also drives innovation and strengthens team dynamics, demonstrating the profound impact of transferring life’s lessons into the professional sphere.


To sustain momentum and ensure the journey’s impact endures, establishing a follow-up plan is critical, arranged even before setting off. Following the experience, and the insights it revealed, the challenge is to action new methods inspired by the renewed understanding of each team member’s place within the group. 

Applying these lessons practically, through prototyping and testing, maintaining the energy with group workshops and/or personalised coaching sessions is crucial, addressing the needs highlighted during the expedition, whether they be collective challenges, individual concerns, or specific application areas.

No expedition is complete without a tangible return on investment! The aim is to leverage the activity experiences, and so amplify their benefits throughout the entire company, beyond the participants. The value generated from this journey is reinjected as energy, vision, and commitment to projects, teams, the company, and ultimately, client relationships and projects.

workshop cocréation campagne de communication digitale



This isn’t about taking a holiday; it’s about engaging in a meaningful seminar. It’s about finding joy together, sharing emotions, talking about what we’re feeling, and doing activities that take us out of our usual professional context. Meeting each other again in a different setting can refresh our conversations and breathe life back into interactions that have been dulled by daily grind.

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If you’re tired of benchmarks and trend reviews, clear your diary, grab a ticket, and join us. To open up new perspectives, be inspired on a grand scale, rethink your approach, and invent new experiences for your customers, our INNOVATION & CREATIVITY expeditions blend discovery, experimentation, and on-site application. Through a clever mix of field experiments, interspersed with discussions and ultra-fast innovation workshops, the user experience will become yours.

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In our service-centric society, it’s easy to get caught up in our heads. Getting active and tuning into our physical sensations can be a powerful way to recharge and bring our minds, hearts, and bodies into alignment. Nature doesn’t just test our limits; it invites us to think about our place in the world and our connections with others.

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RIDE YOUR WAY Expeditions

Taking the lead doesn’t just mean burying yourself in the details. It’s fundamentally about setting a course, sharing that vision, and steadfastly holding to it. It’s about seizing the helm or the handlebars, mounting the saddle or boarding the vessel, and also choosing to navigate with a map and compass to chart your own course, your milestones, your journey.

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Our Language and Culture Expeditions transcend traditional language learning, offering instead a blend of professional coaching and immersive learning experiences. Imagine engaging in dynamic “in English” interactions, not just face-to-face, but also through bespoke immersive expeditions in England, accompanied by your personal coach. Here, pleasure meets productivity.

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Our curiosity and sensitivity to the world’s intricacies inspire the bespoke expeditions we design for our clients. Nevertheless, TOMO® & CO is not a travel agency but a team of professional coaches. We place a strong emphasis on the quality of our experiences, working with renowned local partners – a commitment our clients recognise and appreciate


Sylvain, co-founder TOMO® & Co.